Our Story

Our Purpose

Having built and scaled finance and analytics function across Fortune 500 as well as startups, we understand the value of a highly functional finance and analytics teams. We understand the inherent risks in building such teams – the 3 Ts – Talent, Technology and Time that topple you

Our purpose is to help you overcome the inherent risks and provide you with turnkey insights and free up your time to focus on decision making. We produce pertinent and visually appealing board packages that delight your board, CEO and CFO.


Setting up or building a synergistic teams and reaping the returns takes multiple iterations especially since there is a broad spectrum of talent available and you need the right mix that functions optimally


Technology investments are typically made after the need is acutely felt, resulting in overworked team and sub-optimal technology stacks that needs additional manpower to set up and manage


Iterations with technology and talent will result in a timeline of 12 to 18 months to have a functional insight generation team. In a fast growing startup or a rapidly pivoting enterprise, this has significant costs

Get timely & accurate financial visibility by next quarter